Tessa “Typhoon” Simpson

UFC Invicta Atom weight Fighter

For my last fight in Invicta FC, I worked with Carla starting at the beginning of my fight camp. My previous weight cuts were always hard, and I was doing my own meal planning and prepping and basing my nutrition on what I could find online. As soon as I met with Carla, I knew that the process was going to be easier and take the guesswork away from me so that I can focus on training. She dialed in my meals, supplementation pre and post workout, and made sure everything else was falling into place, so that I would lose the right amount of weight leading up to the water cut the week of the fight. I had lots more energy for training then I had ever had during a fight camp, and it also changed the way I eat and supplement my training outside of fight camp. Carla was always available if I had questions. I would highly recommend working with Carla!

Connor Tobin

Professional Soccer Player & Former Captain- North Carolina FC '14-'17

“As a professional athlete, I am always looking for ways to maximize my performance.  This past off-season I began working with Carla in an effort to revamp my diet in hopes of improving my play on the field.  Carla has been invaluable in her knowledge and expertise and has helped me reach new heights in my play.  I feel faster, stronger, and more resilient than previous seasons, which is a credit to Carla.  It has been a pleasure working with her.  She is always willing to discuss and consider your opinions and will work to develop a dietary plan that will not only help you accomplish your goals, but one that you will feel comfortable with.”

Swami & Arati P. 

Health & Fitness Enthusiasts 

“Carla has been absolutely amazing at transforming our nutrition and fitness game plans to maximize our results.  We've been working with her for over two years now and we've seen steady and pronounced progress towards all our health and fitness goals.  Before, we were just working out and eating what we thought was right for our health and nutrition without seeing any lasting results.  Once we linked up with Carla, she helped change our nutrition and fitness plans to reach and exceed our goals.  Our energy levels and body composition have significantly improved since taking her advice.  Through our profession, we've been around fitness and health experts for over 20 years and we've found no one better than Carla.  Even with our vegetarian diet restriction, Carla has been patient, understanding and found creative ways to reach our goals.  We lift heavier, run faster, swim longer and never hesitate now to sign up for the next 5K or obstacle course run.  We plan on consulting with Carla for as long as she'll have us.  If you are looking to enhance your nutrition and fitness plan, Carla is definitely the person you should consult.”


John M.

Lover of Food, Life, and Feeling Well

I started working with Carla in January 2018 and we have worked together for 5 months.   I am of a certain age (50+) where keeping the waistline fit and trim is not as easy as it used to be and I had let some of my previous nutritional habits slip.      She worked with me to design a nutrition program that allowed me to eat healthy,  have plenty of good food to eat,  while participating in weight training,  tennis, and preparing for a 10k race.  

Carla has great knowledge of overall nutrition and has provided many simple but invaluable new habits that I have adopted.    She has revamped my approach to meal-prep,  offered a tremendous assortment of incredibly delicious food options,  and helped create some great new habits.    The best part of her nutrition plans are the variety of options she can offer and the fact that I am not hungry and do not feel like I am on a diet – because I am not.   I am eating healthy. 

  • I have dropped about 12 lbs, have more energy, and have improved my overall athletic performance in both the weight room and on the tennis courts.

Carla has an energetic, fun, and very positive mindset about the approach to nutrition. My regular touch base sessions (all done via telephone) have been a welcome addition to my weekly routine. If you have the chance to work with Carla – you will not be disappointed!