PurSuit Nutrition Services

Pursuit Nutrition is here for your next challenge.


Performance Blueprint Program

Great for individuals who:

  • Have sport specific training GOALS

  • Are active military/servicemen

  • Want to get to their BEST playing/training weight

  • Want to SAVE TIME by having someone else gather recipes, set them to your fueling needs, and make shopping lists

  • Want good tasting, CREATIVE meals for their MEAL PREP routine


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Weight Loss Blueprint Program

Great for individuals who:

  • Are ready to have safe, EFFECTIVE, lasting weight loss RESULTS

  • Are sick of fad diet trends and ready for a REAL, nutritious LIFESTYLE

  • Want the tools to AVOID COSTLY HEALTH COMPLICATIONS later in life

  • Are willing to get at least 1.5 hours of light exercise a week

  • Want to find healthy foods you WANT to eat

  • Want to SAVE MONEY by eating tasty meals instead of going out to eat


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Nutritional Counseling

Great for individuals who:

  • Want to dive head first into their nutritional changes

  • Want accountability/easy access to personal nutrition reference

  • Have major food allergies or sensitivities

  • Need medical or health modifications for performance fueling

  • Elite/College/Professional athletes

  • Are in a weight class sport wanting to go through a safe, effective weight cut

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