PurSuit Nutrition Services

Pursuit Nutrition is here for your next challenge.

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Meal Prep Programs

Great for individuals who:

  • Are just getting started on a nutritional journey
  • want to know how much they should be eating for their lifestyle and training
  • want to save time by meal prepping and eat healthy, good tasting food
  • want more creativity with their meal prep

$100 for a Six week Program For Individuals; $120 for Couples

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Nutritional Counseling

Great for individuals who:

  • Want to dive head first into their nutritional journey
  • want to create a better mindset approach when it comes to fueling and nutrition
  • Have food allergies or food preferences
  • Have modification needs for health reasons
  • Have a specific training program/training cycle to match
  • are an Elite/College/Professional athlete

$195 per month

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Custom Program

Custom programming is best for an individual that wants the highest level of attention and care. This would include services like cooking lessons, grocery store tours, shopping lessons, individualized nutrition & training programs. For a truly custom level of care, please contact directly via email to set up a consultation.

Cost depends on service