Drug Rehabilitation and proper Nutrition

 November 2017

Drug rehabilitation is not an easy process. There are factors that work against you from every angle. One of these angles is common nutritional deficiencies. Almost every addiction of a substances has an effect on food intake. For example, most individuals suffering from alcohol addiction have put their system into overdrive trying to repair itself. Alcoholics are commonly deficient in B-Vitamins, especially Thiamin. To make things even more challenging, personality types with addictive personalities are far more common to have eating disorders.  The link below is a great article that drugrehab.com has posted. Please read this. It is quality information that should be spread.


 September 2017

Hydration habits can make or break your performance dreams. Don't let something as simple as drinking enough water be what holds you back.

the salty truth on sodium

September 2017

There is a lot of information and opinions about how much salt you need and what kind of salt you should be using. Here's just some of the facts about sodium so you can decide how much you should be taking in

Cycled Training Working With Your Cycle

August 2017

Your female hormone cycle changes everything that has to do with your performance and training. Consider changing your training cycle to work with your hormone cycle instead of working against it.

Travel Strategies

July 2017

Whether it is for work or for vacation, staying on track with your diet is within grasp. Following some basic tips and keeping a key mindset approach will change the game.