The Pride Travel Nutrition Plan

One of the hardest things that chip away at any great program is travel. Whether it is for work, fun, or a competition it is important to stay on your game. It isn't easy to keep up 100% while you travel but it can be done. It just takes proper planning.

Take a few minutes to plan out your trip nutritionally

You spend a ton of time saving a dollar here and there on your flights but forget to plan for what adds up- eating out and snacking. It hurts your wallet, performance goals, and health. Take some time to look for things like:

· Where you plan to eat when you get there

· How far away a grocery store will be for normal healthy items

· If where you are staying has a fridge/microwave

· How much space do you have (car travel w/ or w/o cooler; carry on; checked luggage)


More can get through security than you think

Even though there are some crazy rules about what can and cannot go through TSA, you can still get through days of healthy food through security to travel with, even if you get stuck in an airport. Bring more than you think you need of these. Things that are allowed that you may not think about:

· Snacks- nuts, granola bars, Greek Yogurt (under 3 oz), energy bites, Hammer Gel

· Proteins- Country Archer bars, beef jerky, protein powder, protein bars

· Vegetables- basically everything! Consider snow peas, bell pepper strips, carrots, broccoli, napa cabbage, bok choy, celery, cucumber, cherry tomatoes

· Supplements– Don’t forget your performance and daily supplements!


Bring the common hardest things to find while traveling

The top three hardest things to have are:

· Workout time/space- Look for a local place to drop in and call ahead or bring a TRX, resistance bands, and a lacrosse ball. They travel light. Doing something is better than nothing.

· Lean Protein- Country Archer Frontier Bar, beef jerky, protein powder, protein bar

· Vegetables- bring more than you think you will want. They are great snacks for some munching if you end up needing some mindless chewing

The Pride Go-To Travel Set Up


  4 single serving protein powder, 4 Country Archer frontier bars,  4 Hammer gels, 4 honey stinger waffles, 1 head napa cabbage, 1 package snow peas, 1 container cherry tomatoes, shaker bottle (one that doesn’t jingle), small cooler that fits in my carry on, & a TRX


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