Nutritional Counseling can be done from any location in the US. remotely, and in person at Atomic Athlete in Austin, TX. All sessions are lead by a Registered Dietitian. This service is best for any individual that wants to take their nutrition to the next level with accountability and a personalized plan. This would be best for an individual that:

  • Has food allergies or major food preferences

  • Has competitive athletic goals

  • Wants accountability and personalized nutrition education

  • Has heath concerns or medical conditions

  • Wants a more detailed approach to their lifestyle/nutrition balance

Nutritional counseling is set by a monthly charge so that we can be a true resource to you. Counseling includes:

  • The monthly assessment

  • weekly check ins via call/text

  • an individualized nutrition plan to match your lifestyle, schedule, training, and goals

  • personally picked out recipes to match personal needs

  • 10% off all Thorne products

  • Body composition testing (in-person via calipers)

    (All Military/Firefighter/EMT/Police receive 10% off- Ask for Details)
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