What it is

Meal Prep Programs are a packet of information and an individualized plan to meet your activity needs based on your size, goals, and life. This program helps you set up meal prepping for everyone from the be This program is for you if you:

  • Want to learn to meal prep

  • Want to meal prep more efficiently

  • Like delicious, homemade good food

  • Want to save time

  • Want to eat more of what you should be eating

  • Want new recipes and inspiration for healthy eating

  • Want to improve your cooking skills

  • Want your diet to match your activity level

  • Want to become more efficient with your time, spending more time doing what you want to do

  • Want to improve your health, mental clarity, workout performance

The programs are set in 6 week blocks. This is enough time for your bodies to make changes and potentially need changes to your nutrition as well. Once you finish 6 weeks, you can jump right into the next 6 weeks. You all will be sent a different plan with different recipes that matches new exercise and personal needs.


The meal sizes will be set up for easy prep to either be made once a week, or to drip in through the week. Meal sizes will be easy to divide and set up, meaning they will always be either the same size, half sized, double sized, etc. Snacks and pre/post workout will change according to individuals needs.


What It Isn't

This program is not a program personalized plan for food preferences or fad diets; This is a real nutrition program for real people to make real food. This is not a intermittent fasting, Keto, 40:30:30, whole 30, or other diet plan. The plan will explain how to make substitutions and modifications for your preferences for time and taste likes. It is also not meant for individuals with health modification needs. Any of the items listed above are a good reason to consider nutritional counseling over a meal prep program.


How it works

To start a Meal Prep Program, you will simply fill out the form on the next page with basic information, body measurements, body size/composition goals, and workout program goals. You will then purchase the program and within 24 hours, your plan will be sent to you. It is suggested that you take a couple days to read through the program and complete the worksheets before starting the program. 

Ready for round two, three, .... just follow the same steps and check the box:"This isn't my first rodeo". 


What is Included

  • A six week meal plan for each individul

  • All recipes to match individual needs and plan

  • Grocery lists for all six weeks for easy shopping

  • Your nutritional needs broken down into serving sizes per meal and macronutrients for each individual

  • Nutrition plan instruction sheet with nutritional education

  • Schedule organizing and individualizing worksheets

  • 10% off all Thorne Supplements (details within packet)