Please complete the form and check out at the bottom of the page. Expect nutrition plans to be completed on the next Friday and be added to a google drive shared folder on Fridays.

For additional assistance with measurements, click here for a PDF explanation.

Name *
Middle of the neck; in 0.25 inch increments
widest part of the forearm; right side; in 0.25-inch increments
thinnest part of the wrist between the wrist bone and the hand right side; in 0.25-inch increments; right side; in 0.25-inch increments
thinnest part of the waist; this will likely be well above your bellybutton; in 0.25-inch increments
widest part of your hips; this will be around the widest part of your butt as well; in 0.25-inch increments
middle of the thigh; right side; in 0.25-inch increments
the widest part of the thigh; will be about 2/3 up the way from the bottom of the calf; ; right side; in 0.25-inch increments
What is your goal for your overall body size? Weight gain/loss is set to lead to weight loss of 1-2 lbs weekly to ensure long term sucess, a healthy mindset, and consistant progress.
What is your primary goal for your current fitness routine? General fitness is best for individuals wanting overall health and wellness.
If you know you body fat percentage and want to use that number, provide your percentage below.
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If we have any questions about getting you set up, we would like to call you to resolve any issues. This information will not be shared.