Daina Tubbs

Dietitian's Assistant

I am a nutrition student at Texas State University on track to becoming a Registered Dietitian. I am passionate about living a healthy lifestyle that incorporates enjoying delicious food and movement of any sort. I enjoy trail running, yoga, anything water related, and skydiving. I wake up every day inspired to help people achieve their best self through a healthy relationship with food and physical activity.

Growing up I played soccer, danced, ran cross country, and ran long distance in track and field. I struggled to manage my weight as a slim athlete and always had pressure to eat enough. The problem is no one every told me how to eat properly to be a healthy athlete. I found that I developed a bad relationship with food and had the mentality that I could eat anything I wanted with no negative repercussions. This reality to me was far from truth. As I developed I started to realize the food I consumed was in fact the fuel that powered my body, not just something that allowed me to stay a sufficient weight.

Over time I developed a love for food. I realized that to be my best self on the outside I had to take care of myself from the inside. By finding enjoyment in a holistic approach to health I was led to my calling to help others grow and develop their own greatness through a healthy relationship with food. I am inspired to work with children and young athletes to help them develop good eating habits and find success in fueling their minds and bodies properly to succeed in whatever life brings them.  

I am a licensed skydiver with tandem and accelerated free fall rating

I am a member of the Texas State Student Nutrition Organization and have volunteered with Texas State's first food bank (Bobcat Bounty)


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