The Pursuit Mission is to Simplify Eating Healthy, Optimize Your Performance, and Enjoy Your Life.

Carla RAE Nowicki, MS, RD, CSSD, CSCS

OWNER and Dietitian

I am a Dietitian, a competitive weightlifting athlete, strength coach, founder of Pursuit Nutrition, and home cooking foodie. I love nothing more than a good day in the kitchen cooking up new ideas with friends and family. I began nutritional counseling to bring my love for amazing tasting nutritious food into other's kitchens to optimize their nutrition practices. Eating healthy and getting the most out of your food doesn't have to be bland, complicated or boring. It needs to fit your hectic training lifestyle and needs. 

I have always been an athletic individual. I was a confused multi-sport athletes all through my childhood focused on Cross Country and Gymnastics. I was and will always be a competitive individual, but I had taken it too far. I was trying to make myself into a "perfect" size for two sports for which smaller and leaner was always the answer. I became obsessed with eating less, thinking hunger meant results. I had my first "this isn't right" moment after spending 13 miles on running trails from guilt after eating one slice of birthday cake I was forced into eating my at best friend's birthday party. Soon after, my coaches brought in a Dietitian to practice with the hopes of helping us all loose some extra pounds. Instead, she explained the needs fueling our bodies to perform. It was the first time I understood how to  love myself through what I could do and what I could eat to do what I love. I began to understand how many others were just like me, and that this was my calling. I am meant to help others to feel pride in their athletic and life accomplishments and pursue what they can do through proper nutrition. Proper nutrition isn't about starving yourself or eating tasteless food just because it fits some exacting strict plan. 

I studied Nutrition at Appalachian State University taking as many sport electives and Exercise Science classes as I could. I continued my education completing my Masters Degree and Dietitian Internships in Sports Nutrition through Florida State University. I have had an amazing experiences of working with incredible athletes including:

Wingate University Athletes

Professional & Collegiate Football Athletes of the NY Jets, Baltimore Ravens, Green Bay Packers, Minnesota Vikings, New Orleans Saints, CFL Rough Riders, High Country Grizzlies, NCSU, & UNC

Professional Soccer Athletes of the Carolina Railhawks

Extreme Weight-loss Clients with goals of >200lbs of weight-loss

Nationally competitive Weightlifting athletes

Extreme sport athletes including BMX racers and downhill riders